Ultraconservative reattachment for managing complete crown fracture in an endodontically treated tooth


  • Saeed Asgary Iranian Centre for Endodontic Research, Research Institute of Dental Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences




Complete crown fracture, Dental trauma, Endodontics, Fragment reattachment


This case report investigates an ultraconservative approach to managing a complete crown fracture in a 56-year-old patient with a previously endodontically treated tooth (tooth 21; treated ten years ago). The study contributes to the existing literature by illustrating a conservative and cost-effective intervention for preserving a traumatically injured tooth in elderly individuals. Radiographic examination not only confirmed the fracture but also highlighted the prior successful endodontic treatment, observing a normal periodontal ligament. The ultraconservative approach included meticulous post-preparation in two-thirds of the root canal space, insertion of a prefabricated post, and reattachment of the fragment using a resin composite. The primary outcome showcased the successful adhesive reattachment of the fractured crown, preserving function, aesthetics, and tooth structure. This approach underscores the viability of preserving traumatized teeth in older individuals with a history of endodontic treatment, emphasizing both clinical success and cost-effectiveness.




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Asgary, S. Ultraconservative Reattachment for Managing Complete Crown Fracture in an Endodontically Treated Tooth. J Endod Restor Dent 2024, 2, 23-26.



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