Autotransplantation of a mature wisdom tooth to a recipient site with a large endodontic lesion: a case report


  • Saeed Asgary Iranian Centre for Endodontic Research, Research Institute of Dental Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences



Autotransplantation, Endodontics, Minimally invasive techniques, Calcium-enriched mixture cement, CEM cement, Root-end filling


Tooth autotransplantation is a valuable treatment option for various dental conditions, offering the potential to preserve natural dentition and restore oral function. This case report describes the successful autotransplantation of a vital wisdom tooth (tooth 38) in a 34-year-old woman to a recipient site (tooth 37) with a non-restorable endodontically treated tooth and a large endodontic lesion. The procedure involved atraumatic extraction of tooth 37, extraoral root-end preparation and filling of tooth 38 with calcium-enriched mixture (CEM) cement, and immediate repositioning of tooth 38 into the extraction socket of tooth 37. Postoperative follow-up demonstrated successful healing, integration, and functional adaptation of the transplanted tooth. This case report highlights the clinical feasibility and favorable outcomes of autotransplantation using minimally invasive techniques and emphasizes the importance of proper endodontic management in ensuring long-term success.




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Asgary, S. Autotransplantation of a Mature Wisdom Tooth to a Recipient Site With a Large Endodontic Lesion: A Case Report. J Endod Restor Dent 2024, 2, 19-22.



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